I love art. All kinds of art.  All kinds of paintings.  But I am most influenced by the Impressionists who really painted from a uniquely individualistic perspective.  The Impressionist movement opened the door to change and inclusiveness.  They set the art world free and I love that freedom.

I live in New England where the four seasons still predominates the rhythm of our culture and connects us to nature.  My color choices - the warm earth tones of autumn, the light replenishment of spring, the deep decadence of summer, and the search for warmth during the blue winter months create a poetry of subjects and visual sensations that infuse my landscapes and still-lives.  The moods and energies of these paintings change with each passing season.

It is my nature to pursue human connection.  And so in my art I use beautiful colors and familiar subject matter that is accessible and engaging.  My intention is to connect to humanity. I think that my paintings reflect the work of a man who is kind, engaging, and who is mindful of his life. I think this energy travels from me, down my brush, and onto my canvases - and hopefully to those who engage the art.