Color Study Low Tide 36x48 Oil Paint on Canvas
Summer Garden 2019 36x48 Oil Painting
Color Study III 48x48 Oil Paint
Zinnia II 2019 Oil Painting 36x48
Zinnia 2019 20x30 Oil Painting
Fireflies in the Garden 18x24 Oil Painting
Zinnia Bed and Honeybee 18x24 Oil Painting
February Geranium Oil Painting 36x24
Peonies 48x48 Oil Painting
Cape light 36x36 Two
Night Time, 48x48, oil painting
Zenia Bed 36"x48"
Picking Wild Blue Berries 48"x48"
Autumn 36x36
Bouquet, 36"x48", Oil on canvas
Honeybees at Dusk, 36"x48",  Oil on Canvas
Summer Garden One (30x30)
Summer Garden Two (36x36)
Summer Garden Three (36x48)
Summer Garden Four (30x30)
Summer Garden Bumblebee One (30x30)
Zenias and Two Bumblebees
Zenia and BumbleBee
Xenia with one bumblebee
Xenia's and Bumblebee (12x12)
Black Eyed Susan and Bumble Bee (I) (10x10)
Black Eyed Susan's and Bumble Bee (II) (10x10)
Black Eyed Susan's and Bumble Bee (III) (10x10)
Honey Bee and Summer Bumblebee (II) (12x12)
Honey Bee and Summer Garden (12x12)
Summer Garden (12x12)
Xenia with Two Bumblebees (12x12)
August to September Garden (36x36)
Cape Cod Pine I (12x12)
National Sea Shore (12x12)
Cape Cod Pine II (12x12)
Cape Cod Pine III (12x12)
National Sea Shore (II) (12x12)
Narcissus Bulbs (12x12)
Bulbs at Night (12x12)
Narcissus Bulb Green Stripes (12x12)
Apple Study
Truro Path (12x12)
Truro House
Truro Pine Sand Dunes
Truro Houses
North Shore (12x12)
North Shore (30x30)
North Shore Essex 10x10
North Shore 2 (30x24)
North Shore (12x12)
Narcissus Bulbs
Flowers in Light (24x18)
Flower Pot
Narcissus Bulbs
Narcissus Bulbs
Potting Shed
Fruit Reflections
Pear from Above
Onions (6x8)
Apply Pyramid
North Shore (36x24)
Narcissus Bulb (12x12)
Red Apple (24x24)
Two Onions and Metal Pitcher (10x12)
Two Pears (6x6)
Pear (6x6)
North Shore
North Shore
Brookline Morning Light
Detail from Summer 2019
Detail Summer 2019
Detail Summer 2019
Detail from Zinnias 2019
Honeycomb Oil Painter 48x48
Detail from Zinnias 2019
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